Essie heeft nieuwe kleuren toegevoegd aan haar collectie

Essie heeft nieuwe kleuren toegevoegd aan haar collectie

Chillato: totally.chill.out. cold and refreshing this pretty, frozen cream pistachio sends shivers down your spine.

(deze kleur is een summer must have van 2017. Zie bijlage (dit gaat over colorshow (lanceren we niet) maar van essie is er dus eenzelfde kleur Chilatto, die we wel lanceren))


Fiji: luxuriate in opaque, creamy pastel pink polish. this über-girly nail color puts a pretty paradise at your beautifully manicured fingertips.


Lady like: etiquette, posture, protocol. did we miss anything? oh, yes, this elegant soft mauve nail lacquer. this dainty darling is just the thing for a proper manicure.


Meet me at sunset: when the sun goes down, temperatures rise. this vibrant deep orange polish creates searing hot manicures and pedicures perfect for an evening rendez-vous at the beach.


Midnight cami: give ‘em the slip. shimmering, deep twilight blue lacquer moves in shadows, glistening in the night. couture-ready dark blue has the depth of the best black nail lacquer, with more heat.


Really red: classic. bold. pure. the perfect shade of truly rich red lacquer – universally flattering in winter, spring, summer & fall. brush it on and paint the town fabulous.

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